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OOH Poster - HOUSE 2015-16

A playfulness tone was suggested from members of House with the focus of a single repeating keyword during different conversations with staff and students - family. ​The poster is positioned across the 3/F to 4/F in the school, 2.5m X 4.5m. 

Incorporating the mascots of House - Phoenix (Red House), Saber-tooth (Yellow House), Dragon (Green House) and Unicorn (Blue House) in the design to mimic a cozy family photo taken.

Development work shows the different faces that the mascots might have, all have different types of personality, such as the phoenix being the cheerful one, the unicorn being the very proud-of-himself one and so on, based on years of sports day results which links back to the students.

The outcome of the poster is more than a poster, it is a link from House captains to students, it is a family photo

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