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YCISHK 2014 - 16

Programme de

Baccalauréat International 

Graduation Identity design

As part of the graduation committee team, I was appointed to one of the designers for the graduation identity, working together with the team to design an identity, logo, letters of appreciation, trophies and a memory book. The length of the whole project was 3 months. 


The identity of the graduation events, a freestyle direction was taken as a signal towards 'freedom from school', suggested by majority of students. With the help of technology, brush strokes were monitored and controlled while drawing, then imported into other software for future correction and development.

Letter of Appreciation and Trophy Cup



A traditional and grandeur design was chosen to show gratitude and politeness. The choice of background on the letter or appreciation was to mimic the feeling of old paper. The trophy and the letter together create a ceremony-like atmosphere, thanking teachers for their years of service.

Letters of Friendship

The letter of friendship took a similar approach as the letter of appreciation but with a different colour scheme, following the identity of the graduation dinner.

Graduation Boxes

The graduation boxes was another part of the identity of the dinner. Inside it includes letters of friendship, a graduation book (below) and lucky draw numbers.

Memory book

The memory book was part of the graduation box's contents, including photos from graduation day, funny and memorable moments submitted by students, individual photos of each student along with empty pages for students to write in.

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