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SendSmith Video Intro Design

Asset Design / Hong Kong

Sendsmith is a web based company that provide simple ways for customers to create email marketing strategies, customers range from large companies like Four Season Hotels to small companies looking to scale themselves to individuals who just want to send out a personal event.

In order to reach more audiences, the company created a series of video to teach visitors of the site how to use their service. An identity for the video is needed for a complete package.

Upon reaching the home page of the website, visitors are greeted with the company's slogan - "Make email marketing a breeze". This slogan is carried through the whole homepage along with the background and the plane image. In order to keep the unity of its branding, the direction of the video introduction followed the slogan.

Scannable Document on 2017-12-11 午後6_38_

Using the keyword "breeze", the idea of paper came forth. Initial ideas include mimicking a flyer slamming on to glass, paper airplanes as well as paper rolling along the ground due to wind.

Trails on the movement and direction of paper.


The final output combines generated-animation feeling in favour of a hand-drawn animation, which provide viewers a more warm and friendly feeling, it also allow a more free design of the path and duration, thus achieving finer control over the whole animation, both in terms of time and image.

Final Intro video

Courtesy of Sendsmith

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