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Oneday Group. Website Asset Design

Oneday Group is a online platform that connects both landlords and clients without dealing with the middle man. In June 2017, as the company was scaling, it created its first mobile app as well as overhauling its website. Law was part of the design team and was tasked on designing the sidebar that both buyers and landlords/agents are going to use.

Before deciding on any design and ideas, the colours were first decided to suit the new webpage yet creating a sharp and contrasting image to the background by using the three different shades of grey

new Oneday webpage (beta version)

initial ideas on logos for the sidebar, with different shades of grey, creating different effects that shows depth to the icons

on the right is a demo version of how the icons are going to appear on the website, which then there were another problem being that the icons are too small to allow depth and details to be shown

during the development process the logos became flatter as well as more simplistic, which was favoured by the team 

normal mode

hover mode

the outcome at last was a flat icon which would change appearance when the mouse hovers over it, which adds a small depth to the icons, making them interesting

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