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New Voice magazine association

In 2015, the YCISHK Student Council initiated a new project - Yew Chung News Association, which later renamed as New Voice Magazine. As the first student-led magazine association among all YCIS schools globally, expectations were high. I was invited to design an identity for the magazine as well as sit as the head of design, overseeing the layout and all design aspect of the magazine.

A special aspect of the magazine is the language duality, including both Chinese and English contents, a first of its kind.

The first layout created during initial conversations of the magazine's approach and direction. Although a first draft, it played an important role in guiding the final design layout

Logo Design

Due to the language duality of the magazine, various designs of both Chinese and English logos were considered. After multiple conversations with the core team, a seal-like logo was decided and more development was made. In order to simplify the complex shape that a seal might present, a more geometrical shape was taken, along with a simple font that compliments it.

The Seal

A seal-like logo had been used numerous times in all different kind of organizations, promoting the sense of legitimacy, authority and stability. To create a unique logo that mimic the seal stamp while standing out, focus was brought to geometry, contrasting the irregular shape of a seal stamp.

Slogan design

Aside of a logo, a slogan design was needed. To contrast the logo a more modern look was chosen, which is also derived from one of the fonts experimented in the logo. The slogan, compared to the logo, is strong, suggestive and it 'pops' 

slogan background_edited_edited.jpg

Ideas, news, people

Ideas:    the core value of the magazine, with editors actively introducing new ideas to readers, inspiring them

News:    the magazine promotes news both in and out of school, widening readers' views and interest

People:  another main focus of the magazine, with column writers introducing successful people and their stories

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