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The Architectural Representations of Fisherman's Lodge

Gallery, Exhibition Space, Community Center/ Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK​


Northumbria University

BArch Year 3, 2019

Throughout the project a series of architectural artworks had been created to aid designs, visualise landscapes and understand spaces and opportunities. This page showcases these drawings.


1 The Landscape of Jesmond Dene

This drawing depicts the landscape of Jesmond Dene, using a exaggerated way to present the vastness of nature


2 Discovering The Fisherman's Lodge

Through the meandering routes of the Jesmond Dene trial, the trees open up to the discovery of the Fisherman's Lodge

IMG_0001 copy.jpg

3 Showcasing the new Fisherman's Lodge

Through the use of transparent and translucent materials, the original form of the building was preserved, continuing to withstand time


4 A new way to show site plan

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